Barash, Cullen, and Stoelting's Clinical Anesthesia: Print + eBook with Multimedia 9th ed

 Barash, Cullen, and Stoelting's Clinical Anesthesia: Print + eBook with Multimedia 9th ed Αναισθησιολογία
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Covering the full spectrum of clinical issues and options in anesthesiology, Barash, Cullen, and Stoelting's Clinical Anesthesia, Ninth Edition, edited by Drs. Bruce F. Cullen, M. Christine Stock, Rafael Ortega, Sam R. Sharar, Natalie F. Holt, Christopher W. Connor, and Naveen Nathan, provides insightful coverage of pharmacology, physiology, co-existing diseases, and surgical procedures. This award-winning text delivers state-of-the-art content unparalleled in clarity and depth of coverage, as well robust multimedia features that equip you to effectively apply today's standards of care and make optimal clinical decisions on behalf of your patients.

  • Comprehensively covers the entire field of anesthesiology with a practical, clinical focus throughout
  • Features extensive multimedia content, including more than 300 updated procedural videos and 190 narrated interactive clinical vignettes
  • Includes Key Points in every chapter, with corresponding numbers in the chapter margins for quick reference
  • Highlights key references to quickly direct you to the most important and high-yield further reading
  • Contains useful appendices with formulas, pacemaker and implantable cardiac defibrillator protocols, information on herbal medications, an atlas of echocardiography, and more
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