Practical Cardiology, Principles and Approaches

Practical Cardiology,  Principles and Approaches Καρδιολογία
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From basic clinical facts to new advanced guidelines, Practical Cardiology: Principles and Approaches covers all aspects of cardiology in one quick and current resource. Packed with useful tips and step-by-step guidance, this updated second edition reviews new drugs, new invasive and noninvasive therapeutic approaches, and new developments in cardiology foundations, imaging modalities, management approaches, and specific interventions for all common cardiovascular disease modalities in all patient care settings.

  • Offers practical plans of action for all major cardiovascular topics and diseases. 
  • Includes three new chapters on electrophysiology (including tracing interpretation); mechanisms, diagnoses, and therapies; and hypotension, syncope, and sudden cardiac death. 
  • Features updated and expanded content throughout, including new findings, non-ST elevation in specific populations (elderly, women), diabetes in heart disease, and more. 
  • Provides integrated key points that offer quick clinical summaries for all aspects of common cardiovascular conditions. 
  • Contains more than 125 full-color illustrations with many algorithms of diagnostic and therapeutic pathways. 

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