Clinical Dermatology: Diagnosis and Management of Common Disorders 2nd.ed.

Clinical Dermatology: Diagnosis and Management of Common Disorders  2nd.ed. Δερματολογία
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This authoritative, evidence-based guide provides the information and insight you need to accurately assess and treat the most common skin disorders. Updated with new chapters and new content, this second edition reflects the latest findings and clinical protocols.

  • Cohesive three-section organization: 
    • Section One reviews the principles of diagnosis and management as well as office-based procedures
    • Section Two covers common and critical dermatologic conditions
    • Section Three teaches the differential diagnosis of skin disease in specific body regions based on morphology and other clinical findings
  • Learning aids throughout the book include text boxes, concept-clarifying figures and photographs, and insightful clinical "Pearls" and "Pitfalls"
  • Evidence-based reviews and international guidelines
  • Includes free access to 13 videos with detailed demonstrations of common cutaneous diagnostic and surgical procedures
  • Online bonus content via AccessDermatologyDxRx subscription with cases, PowerPoint lectures, and quizzes—ideal for students, residents, and faculty
  • 350+ photos and illustrations

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Εικόνες350+ photos and illustrations
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