Quick Reference to Critical Care

Quick Reference to Critical Care Αναισθησιολογία
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Need to brush up on your ICU skills? New to ICU, or a veteran? Get immediate on-the-job answers, with the popular and fully updated Quick Reference to Critical Care, 6th Edition. This indispensable pocket guide addresses a broad range of critical care patient topics, divided by body system and organized alphabetically within each chapter for quick access. Disease processes, disorders, medications, and titration, tests, lab results, formulas, ICU equipment and treatment strategies and goals are discussed. Each well-illustrated entry explains the latest evidence-based procedures and stabilization practices in a convenient, quick-read outline, making it the ideal quick reference for following proven protocols.

Up-level your critical care expertise and confidence, with:

  • NEW and completely updated content that offers current information on cutting edge critical care topics
  • NEW full-color images throughout
  • NEW extensive abbreviations list that explains unfamiliar abbreviations found in progress notes, surgical reports and other medical documents
  • Ideal on-the-spot quick reference – Read-at-a-glance bulleted outline format that helps you grasp ideas quickly and take immediate action
  • More than 350 illustrations – figures, algorithms, photos, drawings and tables that outline core terms and concepts, with easy-to-retain definitions of key terms
  • Chapters for each body system – expert nursing guidance on evaluating and treating the neurologic, cardiovascular, pulmonary, gastrointestinal and urinary, renal, endocrine, hematologic and immune systems 
  • Each chapter offers an alpha-organized list of disorders and injuries pertaining to that topic or body system
  • Vital direction for on-the-unit action – includes sections on labs, imaging and miscellaneous items not covered in other sections 
  • Expert direction on areas such as body system structures and functions, anatomy, diagnostic tools, surgical methods, signs and symptoms, treatments, monitoring, drug administration, catheters and electrode procedures, waveforms and more

The quick-reference format offers:

  • Extensive cross-referencing – leads to related information
  • Tables and charts – vital info on medication, dosing, conversions, compatibilities, and more
  • “Troubleshooting” feature – practical guidance for solving technical problems or complications 
  • “Key Point” feature – offers important points on signs and symptoms of a disorder or condition and what to review before or after testing


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