Illustrated Handbook of Rheumatic and Musculo-Skeletal Diseases

Illustrated Handbook of Rheumatic and Musculo-Skeletal Diseases Ορθοπεδική
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Provides an extensive spectrum of clinical pictures of each inflammatory and degenerative rheumatic disease covered Contains images of patients through diagnostic, treatment and follow up stages Outlines the pathological features in a detailed description of each inflammatory and rheumatic disease covered.

This book comprehensively reviews clinical aspects and features of rheumatic and musculo-skeletal diseases in an integrated and easy to read format. It enables the reader to become confident in identifying common and unusual disease symptoms and be able to apply a variety of diagnostic modalities and evaluate potential treatment options.  Every disease covered has a variety of clinically relevant images detailing  both typical and rare signs and symptoms. Each image is accompanied by a detailed description covering relevant epidemiological data, diagnostic modalities and treatment options.

The Illustrated Handbook of Rheumatic and Musculo-Skeletal Diseases provides a comprehensive and clinically relevant guide for the diagnosis and treatment of a broad range of rheumatic and allied diseases. It is a valuable resource for the trainee and practising rheumatologist, general practitioner, orthopaedic specialist, and dermatologist.  

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Εικόνες59 b/w illustrations, 345 illustrations in colour
Ημ. Έκδοσης2019

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