Manual of Neurologic Emergencies

Manual of Neurologic Emergencies Επείγουσα Ιατρική
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Based on the highly-regarded Walls Manual of Emergency Airway Management and part of the Manual of Emergency Medicine series envisioned by leading authority in emergency medicine, Dr. Ron M. Walls, Manual of Neurologic Emergencies provides evidence-based, easy-to-read coverage on the diagnosis and management of neurologic emergencies. Through the direction and expertise of editors Drs. Andy S. Jagoda and Christopher A. Lewandowski, this reference is a practical guide to approaching the patient with a neurologic complaint in a systematic way, providing a hands-on framework for clinical decision making and therapeutic interventions.

  • Walks you through all aspects of diagnosis and management, including a rapid diagnosis and directed approach which are especially critical to optimal outcomes.
  • Reviews neuroanatomy, performing a history, selecting appropriate imaging, and structuring/modifying the physical exam for the needs of the individual patient.
  • Provides helpful information such as pathophysiology, differential diagnosis, evidence-based analysis of the literature, best practice recommendations, and treatment algorithms for a wide range of clinical presentations.
  • Covers altered consciousness and behavior, neuromuscular disorders, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease, dizziness and vertigo, head trauma, acute stroke, headache, seizures, central nervous system infections, and more.
  • Facilitates best practices and promotes communication across all specialties, whether in the emergency department, ICU, urgent care setting, pre-hospital environment, or anywhere else neurologic emergencies may occur.
  • Shares the experience as well as extensive knowledge the editors and authors have with neurologic emergencies.
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