Hazzard's Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology 8th.ed.

Hazzard's Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology  8th.ed. Γηριατρική
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The undisputed leader on the subject of geriatrics has been updated with the most recent advances in the field for assessing and managing diverse groups of older adults in various settings Authored by a team of the world's most respected geriatricians, Hazzard's Principles of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology, Eighth Edition combines gerontology principles with clinical geriatrics to provide unmatched coverage of the health and well-being impacts of population aging. Anchored in science, evidence-based medicine, and patient-centered practice, it presents the most up-to-date, medical information available.

This practical guide focuses on the implementation of key concepts and covers the foundation for geriatrics, as well as frequently encountered syndromes found in older people. In addition, it provides valuable insights into the simultaneous management of multiple problems, including psychological and social issues, and their interactions, an intrinsic aspect of geriatric patient care. Updates include:

  • NEW: Chapters on Geroscience; Value-Based Care; The Patient's Perspective; Multi-Morbidity; Disparities: Social Determinants of Health and Access to Care; Age Friendly Care; Self-Management of Health Behavior
  • NEW: Updated coverage of COVID-19 in geriatric patients
  • NEW: Free access to updates (case-based, studies/trials and hot topics) on accessmedicine.com
  • NEW: Chapters on costs of care in the management of diseases, including an international comparative approach


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