Cardiovascular Medicine and Surgery

Cardiovascular Medicine and Surgery Καρδιολογία
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Written by clinicians, for clinicians, Cardiovascular Medicine and Surgery offers a comprehensive, authoritative, and multidisciplinary approach to this rapidly evolving field. Covering every area relevant to the daily practice of cardiovascular medicine, this new and innovative reference text, led by Drs. Debabrata Mukherjee and Richard A. Lange, brings together a stellar team of cardiovascular specialists from leading medical centers worldwide who focus on cutting-edge strategies for the clinical and surgical management of patients. Both medicine and surgery are highlighted in chapters along with follow-up care and changing technology to equip the clinician for optimal patient care. Highly structured and templated chapters cover pathogenesis, diagnosis, management, special considerations/limitations, follow-up care, and on-going and future research.

  • Provides clinicians and fellows with comprehensive, evidence-based guidance on clinical cardiology, cardiovascular imaging, cardiac catheterization, electrophysiology, heart failure, vascular medicine, cardiovascular surgery, adult congenital heart disease, and preventative cardiology. 
  • Offers a multidisciplinary, heart team approach for valvular pathologies and coronary heart disease, with chapters authored either by a cardiologist or cardiac surgeon, or both based on subspecialty. 
  • Features a dedicated section on cardiac surgery to provide cardiologists a better perspective of commonly performed cardiac surgical procedures,  risks and benefits, follow-up patient care, and changing technology. 
  • Includes hundreds of high-quality full-color anatomic illustrations, diagnostic images (ECGs, transthoracic echocardiograms, angiograms, MRIs), diagnostic and management algorithms, quick-reference tables, and clinical case studies throughout.  
  •  eBook provides on-the-go access to additional online-only figures, tables, and videos 
  • Serves as a comprehensive, easily accessible reference for busy practitioners and cardiovascular trainees. 

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Ετικέτες: Baliga, Garcia, Mukherjee, Lange, Bailey, Blaha, Bozkurt, Cigarroa, Jessen, Shivkumar, Stout