Genitourinary System Cytology and Small Biopsy Specimens

Genitourinary System Cytology and Small Biopsy Specimens Κυτταρολογία
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This book covers the full spectrum of benign and malignant conditions of the genitourinary tract with emphasis on common entities encountered in daily practice. The volume is heavily illustrated and contains useful algorithms that guide the reader through the differential diagnosis and cyto-histologic correlation of common and uncommon entities with appropriate clinical correlations. This book will serve as a valuable quick reference for pathologists, cytopathologists, cytotechnologists, fellows and residents in the field.

Genitourinary system cytopathology specimens and small biopsies are common specimens, with a growing number of renal fine needle aspirations and core biopsy procedures being performed each year. Genitourinary System Cytology and Small Biopsy Specimens focuses on the correlation between urinary tract cytology and surgical pathology, including the evaluation of germ cell tumor metastasis to distant sites.  Aspiration and exfoliative cytology samples obtained from all areas of and related to the genitourinary tract are highlighted in individualized chapters for these entities. The growing body of information in personalized medicine and molecular discoveries in the field of genitourinary pathology demands focus as well; hence an integrated approach to molecular diagnostics is presented in each chapter.

In summary, this book will provide an illustrative and algorithmic approach to every day practice of genitourinary cytopathology and small biopsy material, using appropriate cytologic-histologic correlation format and incorporating recent updates in terminology, guidelines, and ancillary studies.

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