Concise Neurology: A Focused Review

Concise Neurology: A Focused Review Νευρολογία
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With easy-to-read, high-yield coverage of essential information in neurology, Concise Neurology: A Focused Review is a practical, everyday reference for busy practitioners, fellows, residents, and students who need a rapid overview of a complex subject. The second edition has been almost entirely rewritten to stay current with recent developments in the field but retains its quick-reference format: an intuitively designed one- or two-page presentation of each topic to facilitate rapid review.

  • Virtually every topic of interest is covered, including the core concepts in diagnosis and treatment for each syndrome or disease.
  • Material is presented in order of clinical relevance, maintaining a thematic unity across related pages for the most effective, efficient review.
  • An engaging writing style offers many pearls and personal explanations from the authors that clarify difficult concepts.
  • Every page offers a quick yet thoughtful summary of key points, making it particularly useful for busy residents, fellows, and practitioners.  
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