The Duke Manual of Glaucoma Surgery

The Duke Manual of Glaucoma Surgery Οφθαλμολογία
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Concise, authoritative, and easy to navigate, The Duke Manual of Glaucoma Surgery offers a step-by-step, highly illustrated approach to the most commonly performed glaucoma surgeries and procedures. Ideal for glaucoma specialists, ophthalmic surgeons, residents, and fellows, it contains practical guidance from Drs. Divakar Gupta, Leon Herndon, Kelly Muir, as well as other experts at Duke University, making it an unparalleled “how-to” manual for the wide variety of cases and operative scenarios you may encounter.

  • Offers a step-by-step outline for each surgical procedure, from preoperative considerations through postoperative care, including numerous surgical pearls. 
  • Contains  200 full-color photographs and illustrations that clearly depict techniques and other essential aspects of glaucoma surgery. 
  • Covers surgery basics, pediatrics, and management of challenging surgical scenarios. 
  • ​Provides access, via the eBook, to surgical videos from the Duke archive.
Ημ. Έκδοσης2021

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