Atlas of Head and Neck Surgery

Atlas of Head and Neck Surgery Ωτορινολαρυγκολογία
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This atlas aims to provide the reader with comprehensive and structured knowledge of contemporary head and neck surgical procedures in patients with both benign and malignant diseases. The bulk of the atlas is devoted to the surgical management of malignant tumors of the upper aerodigestive tract, with a separate chapter focusing on each major anatomic subsite. All aspects of endoscopy are covered, as is surgery of the upper airway, including tracheostomy, laryngotracheal reconstruction and surgery for vocal cord paralysis. Thorough consideration is also given to procedures for the treatment of carotid body tumors, branchial arch anomalies, deep neck space infections, pharyngeal pouches, and benign disease of the thyroid, parathyroid, and salivary glands. A final chapter addresses in detail the reconstruction of surgical defects in the head and neck. Each chapter includes bespoke drawings and diagrams to illustrate specific technical points and surgical steps. The authors are leading head and neck surgeons from Europe, North America, India, Africa, and Australia. Readers seeking a better understanding of how to carry out surgical procedures in this anatomic region will find the atlas to be an invaluable aid.

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