Plastic Surgery for Trauma The Essential Survival Guide

Plastic Surgery for Trauma The Essential Survival Guide Πλαστική Χειρουργική
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Covers the immediate assessment and management of common plastic and reconstructive surgery emergencies and referrals. A companion for junior doctors starting within plastic surgery, the Plastic Surgery for \Trauma provides succinct and clear presentation together with up to date guidelines on the common plastic surgery emergencies. With clear descriptions of difficult trauma scenarios, illustrated with numerous figures, and updated guidelines for each step of practice, this book will ensure that the reader can access all the information required to help gain confidence and experience .Be the readers passing through a plastic surgery rotation on their way to some other career goal or beginning within plastic surgery and keen to make a strong start with a view to progressing in the speciality, this book provides the support to allow rational and confident clinical decision making from the start. Essential reading for all non-specialists and trainees.

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Εικόνες82 Color & 18 B/W Illustrations
Ημ. Έκδοσης2022

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