Psychotic Disorders Comorbidity Detection Promotes Improved Diagnosis And Treatment

Psychotic Disorders Comorbidity Detection Promotes Improved Diagnosis And Treatment Ψυχιατρική
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Offering an up-to-date perspective on the complexity of mental illness, Psychotic Disorders: Using Co-Morbidity Diagnoses to Enhance Treatment provides unique insight by presenting schizophrenia and psychosis as a cormorbid disorders. Comprehensive coverage of the five comorbidity subtypes includes everything from definitions of the comorbidity syndrome (with DSM-5 criteria) and how to interview to specific symptoms for the psychotic diagnosis, diagnosis, and treatment. This first-of-its-kind reference is a valuable clinical resource for psychiatrists, neurologists, neuropsychiatrists, psychologists, and clinicians in training, as well as a useful tool for exam review.

  • Reflects current research, diagnosis, and treatment options for: 
    • Schizophrenia with Voices and Panic Anxiety 
    • Obsessive-Compulsive Schizophrenia and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder 
    • Persecutory Delusional Disorder and Social Anxiety  
    • Delusional Depression and Melancholic Depression 
    • Bipolar I Disorder and Atypical Depression 
    • Substance Use Psychoses 
    • Medical Illness and Iatrogenic Psychoses 
  • Covers treatment options and outcomes with medication and psychotherapy.   
  • Includes sample patient interview approaches and/or biological tests for each diagnosis. 
  • Highlights symptoms, quasi-psychotic symptoms and secondary signs of the comorbidities when alone, and when in conjunction with psychosis.  
  • Reviews diagnosis-specific significance and contributory roles of neurotransmitters, hypofrontality, psychological trauma, and genetics.  
  • Enhanced eBook version allows access to entire book contents on most devices.  Included free with book purchase, or purchase separately.  

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